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How does Go1 ensure it has the best quality content?

At Go1, we know that offering high-quality digital learning content is non-negotiable. As such, we’ve decided to offer some insights into Go1’s content procurement process by answering the question: how does Go1 ensure it has the best quality content?
Dom Murray

When it comes to digital learning, the more things change, the more they stay the same. You can have as many modern innovations and eye-catching technological updates as you want, however, ultimately, the success of your L&D strategy hinges on the quality of your digital learning content. Without high-quality content, your learners will inevitably disengage, as they discover your offering does not meet their needs. 


At Go1, we know that offering high-quality digital learning content is non-negotiable. It is the starting point from which everything else in your learning strategy can flourish. 

As such, we’ve decided to offer some insights into Go1’s content procurement process by answering the question: how does Go1 ensure it has the best quality content? 

We spoke to Basem Emera, Go1’s VP of Partnerships and Alliances, to find out how Go1 navigates this process for new and existing content partners. 

How does Go1 work with partners to keep content up to date and relevant? 

For popular topics, Go1 works with many well-regarded partners to ensure coverage. By proactively approaching partners to address gaps in our library, Go1 offers the breadth and diversity of content to suit different audiences.

Basem Emera, Go1’s VP of Partnerships and Alliances, outlined a few of the steps that Go1’s content team takes to ensure that Go1’s existing content maintains a high level of quality and relevance. At the top of his list is asking better questions of Go1’s top providers, such as:

  • What courses do they currently have in production, and what do they replace or supersede?
  • What format and delivery method are they choosing?
  • What trends are they currently noticing/acting on?
  • What audience is this content created for?
  • What is their roadmap for future content? 

Further to this, Go1 approaches professional associations, consultants, and thought leaders to curate and validate content against industry standards. For example, there have been new ISO standards (ISO45003) relating to psychological health and safety at work, which gives organisations practical guidance for managing psychosocial risks in the workplace. 

To help navigate these new standards, Go1 has engaged AP Psychology, a leading specialist in this field, who are reviewing the guidelines and mapping Go1 content against them to ensure it meets the new standards. Go1 can then curate playlists relating to this topic with the assurance that they are relevant and up to date.

By taking this proactive approach, Basem says he is confident that Go1 can match demand needs with supply more effectively to ensure content remains relevant to learner's needs. 

“At Go1, we’re passionate about bringing together the tremendous amount of data we have from our customers, who consume our content and provide feedback, and our content partners who are continuously developing the latest modules for their audiences. By having great conversations with both parties, it enables us to ensure we have the most relevant content available in our Content Hub,” Basem said.

Additionally, Basem hopes to ensure that Go1’s vast content library becomes even easier to navigate and digest, allowing users to quickly find the most relevant content for their needs. He adds that the next steps are to ensure Go1 can deliver content to learners in a more frictionless manner.

Ultimately, by maintaining close relationships with existing content partners, customers, and industry experts, Go1 can remain a step ahead and continue to provide high-quality content. 

How does Go1 find and assess new content partners? 

Whether it’s a new song from your favourite band, a new restaurant that you’ve been dying to try, or a new TV show that’s getting rave reviews, discovering something new is always a thrill. Digital learning content is no different. 

With the Go1 content library constantly expanding, finding and assessing new content partners that meet Go1’s high standards is just as important as working with existing content partners. 

Basem Emera provided insights into this process, detailing what Go1 looks for in new content partners and what steps Go1 takes to ensure new content partners meet our high standards. 

“Firstly, our approach involves ensuring we have coverage across all of our key verticals that our customers operate in.

“Coverage means we can offer multiple learning formats and modalities, with a diverse set of content to suit the preference of any organisation. 


“The next steps involve our internal QA process to ensure each piece of content meets our minimum criteria across technical aspects, learning outcome, diversity and inclusion, and overall quality. 

“In terms of new content for the calendar year, two areas of focus are digital transformation and health and wellbeing, which we will have some announcements on very soon,” he said. 

Want to learn more about how Go1 ensures it has the best quality content? Reach out to our friendly 24/7 support team anytime for a chat.

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