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Case Study: ASG

Kerrie-Anne Chinn
Dec 10, 2017

Australia’s largest provider of education scholarship plans, ASG has been helping families plan for the costs of education for more than 40 years.


With that goal in mind, the company recently partnered with GO1 to improve the way they delivered employee training across the organisation.

The Company

Whether you’re planning to send your child to a private, state or independent school, education costs can quickly snowball and become hard to manage.

ASG provides a range of products and resources to support your child’s education journey – from early learning through to post-secondary studies. To help ASG’s Distribution and Operations team members deliver high quality product knowledge and service, the company needed a training solution that would meet the specific learning needs of their employees.

They were looking for a system that could effectively deliver bespoke training courses for compliance, onboarding as well as off the shelf personal and professional development.

The Challenge

ASG had used a few different Learning Management Systems (LMS) before making the switch to GO1 but the greatest challenge with these was limited content it could make available to staff.

Staff engagement survey results indicated staff wanted more professional and personal development than could be delivered with the existing resources.

With a new professional development initiative encouraging staff to take charge of their own development, ASG was keen to find a training solution that would support that by encouraging people to engage with self-paced online learning.

The Solution

“GO1 was simply the best fit for us,” says Mariana Valle, ASG’s Learning and Development Coordinator.

After selecting GO1 as its new Learning Management System, ASG was impressed with how easy it was to implement.

“The support from the GO1 team is amazing,” Mariana says. "The customer service is also consistently outstanding. And the after sales support is a real strength. This was not our experience with other providers!”

The Results

Nine months since implementation, ASG now has 260 employees using the learning platform for compliance, induction and professional development training.

One of the things Mariana has found most convenient about the GO1 platform is the ability to group courses under different ‘Awards’ – allowing administrators to create targeted learning for different teams requiring specific skill sets.

“The range of the Premium courses, combined with our bespoke content and the ability to put everything into an Award then roll it out to a specific team, is just fantastic,” she says.

“In terms of professional development, it has certainly met our needs. Staff are exploring the Premium content and enrolling themselves into a range of courses, the take up has exceeded our expectations. Almost a year in, I can say GO1 has ticked all the boxes.”

We look forward to hearing more about ASG’s journey with GO1, as their employee training program goes from strength to strength.

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